Town Water Conservation Plan

Xeriscaped Landscapes are beautiful and low maintenance and save water

The Town of Silver City initiated a water conservation planning process to evaluate ways to sustain and conserve its municipal groundwater supply. The water conservation plan was developed with guidance and review of a stakeholder group that included:

  • Environmental Groups
  • The General Public
  • The Local Business Community
  • Local Committees
  • The New Mexico Environment Department
  • Representation from the Town
  • The Southwest New Mexico Council of Governments
  • Water Associations


The Town has outlined the following goals for its water conservation program:

  • Reduce outdoor water use
  • Reduce water waste; not allowing wasted water to run down the streets will enhance public education efforts regarding the importance of water conservation
  • Reduce peak summer demands for more efficient system operation and reduced energy use
  • Reduce pumping and treatment costs
  • Ensure a revenue-neutral program that can be financed by the Town
  • Strengthen ordinances and policies relating to water conservation
  • Minimize nonpoint source pollution by integrating stormwater management into the water conservation program
  • Educate the public about water conservation and sustainable supply issues
  • Incentivize conservation behavior

The Town Council adopted the plan on August 27, 2013, via Resolution 2013-32 (PDF). The Town anticipates a phased implementation program. After the first 5 years of the program, the Town will revisit its longer-term goals.