Pick it Up and Toss No Mas

Silver City is launching a new, rewarding and fun anti-litter initiative.

Pick It Up, & Toss No Mas

Join with your friends, business partners, Scouting group or neighbors and pick one of our clean-up zones (just two-tenths of a mile long!) and help make Silver City even better!

Bring Your Civic Group, Club or Community Organization Onto the Front Lines in the Fight Against Litter

Fighting litter is more fun in groups: Add your civic group, church or other community organization to the battle. We’ve got litter outnumbered!

Ken LadnerLitter Isn’t Anybody’s Problem, It’s Everybody’s Problem

There is one thing that we can all do to make our community more beautiful, and that is to pick up litter. Thank you for helping to keep our community clean and beautiful.