Resources & Research

Drawing by Harry Benjamin, Museum Founder
In cooperation with the Silver City Public Library, the Silver City Museum has transferred its library of resource materials to the Silver City Public Library reference section for use by the general public for independent research.

Materials transferred to the Public Library's reference section include the following:
  • Books and periodicals
  • Vertical files - biography and historical topics
  • Silver City newspapers card file index (1873-1886)
  • Silver City newspapers on microfilm (1873-1943)
  • Newspaper citations (into the 1920s)
  • Telephone and city directories
  • Local Records
Local Records
Microfilmed under a grant from the New Mexico Historical Records Advisory Board, some of these records have been indexed in databases that can be searched:
  • Warrant, License and Fee book for Grant County
    one ledger covering years from 1869 to 1871
  • O.C. Hinman funeral home records
    five ledgers covering period from January 1911 to June 1938
  • Grant County Criminal and Civil Dockets for Precinct 22 (Tyrone)
    two ledgers, July 1914 - December 1916 and January 1917 - November 1917
  • Grant County Justice Court warrant book for Precinct 13 (Santa Rita)
    one ledger for years 1901 to 1910
  • Probate and Chancery Court records
    one ledger for years 1874 to 1883
Not Indexed
  • Pinos Altos Store records:
    30 ledgers covering the period from January 1888 to March 1897
  • Town of Silver City license books:
    two ledgers covering period from August 1902 to April 1914
  • Town of Silver City fine books:
    two ledgers covering period from 1900 to May 1914
  • Silver City Board of Education Minutes:
    one ledger covering the period from January 1920 to June 1932
  • Silver City tax and license collections:
    one ledger covering period from March 1900 to April 1909
  • Tax sales for Town of Silver City:
    four pages of one ledger covering the year 1900
  • Register for Hotel Owen, Santa Rita, New Mexico:
    one ledger for period from May 1916 to April 1922
  • Registers for Faywood Hotel, Faywood, New Mexico:
    four ledgers covering years from 1896 to 1949
  • Invoices and receipts of Silver City residents:
    two letter boxes with documents dating from 1910 to 1914
  • Silver City Block Book:
    one ledger covering years 1919 to 1925
  • Silver City tax rolls:
    23 ledgers for consecutive years from 1895 to 1918
  • Delinquent tax book for Town of Silver City:
    one ledger covering years 1883 to 1895
  • Post Index of Letters Received, Fort Bayard, New Mexico:
    one ledger for the year 1891
  • Mine payroll book (mine not identified):
    one ledger for the year 1905
  • Time book for the Santa Rita Mining Company:
    one book for the year 1902
  • Santa Rita Store Company Ledger:
    one ledger for the years 1911 to 1913
  • Minute book, Miner's Social Club, Fleming, New Mexico:
    just a few pages in one book, dating from 1884
  • Silver City Waterworks meter book:
    one book for the years 1910 to 1916
  • Grant County Hospital Board minutes:
    two ledgers for period from April 1935 to October 1949
  • Grant County Brand Book:
    one book, ca. 1888
  • Sheriff's daybooks and notebooks from Grant County Sheriff John E. Casey:
    14 books, dating from 1919 to 1936
  • One Sheriff's paybook for 1919, just a few pages
  • Town of Silver City building permits:
    one letter box with approximately 500 pages, permits from 1917 to 1924
  • Town of Silver City building permits:
    40 pages of photocopies, ca. 1940s-60s
  • Letterbook from the Town of Silver City:
    47 pages with letters for years 1903 to 1908
  • Grant County Charity Hospital Minutes:
    one ledger for years 1895 to 1921
  • Record of patients for Grant County Hospital:
    one ledger for years 1887 to 1925
For more information visit the Silver City Public Library Website, or call 575-538-3672.
To continue the research necessary for the development of exhibits, programs, and collections, staff and volunteers at the Museum utilize many resources within museum's permanent collection and from a collection of reference materials located at the Silver City Public Library.

The museum's extensive permanent collection includes archival materials, historic photographs, historical objects and artifacts. Access and use of these materials is available by appointment with the curator of collections and in accordance with museum policy concerning use, care, and preservation.

More accessible research resource materials compiled by the museum have been transferred to the Silver City Public Library's reference collection. These materials are available for independent research during all open hours of the Silver City Public Library and do not require an appointment.