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Events & Activities — MARCH 2017

Brown Bag:
NDE: A Matriarchal Culture of Peace and Harmony
Thursday, April 6, 12 Noon - 1:00 pm
in the Silver City Museum Annex, 302 W. Broadway
Join us for the third talk in a series of programs in support of the Museum's exhibition Stories of Southwestern New Mexico Women. This talk is co-sponsored by the Western Institute of Lifelong Learning. And a great thank you to the Chiricahua Apache NDE Nation, Red Paint Tribal Council/Red Paint Powwow, Wolf Horse Outfitters, and the Elders Conference. The four bands of the NDE, commonly referred to as Chiricahua Apache, are:
  • Tci-He-Nde (Red Paint/Warm Spring's Apache)
  • Bi-Dan-Ku (Running Water Mud)
  • Tsoka-Ne-Nde (Toes Up Turned)
  • Nde-Nda-I (Surrounds the Enemy)
All have traded, intermarried, migrated, visited, celebrated with each other.... From the far extents of Nde-Benai (Apacheria), the culture, its people and land were revered, protected, and jealously guarded, and still are today. As descendants, we have a responsibility. We look to the elders and women to guide.

Presenters: Francesca Veltri and Gloria Beltran of the Chiricahua Apache and Joe Saenz of the Warm Spring's Apache/Huichol will discuss the matriarchal culture of Apache women.

New Mexico Colcha Embroidery Group
CANCELLED Wednesday, April 12, 11am-12:30pm
at the Museum Education Room, 312 W. Broadway
The Silver City Museum will host a colcha group on the second Wednesday of each month in our Education Room. Beginners & drop-ins are welcome. New participants will be given supplies by the instructor to start and will learn the history of Colcha and the stitch.

Colcha has been a time-honored New Mexican craft, brought in by the Spanish that settled the area. Come and learn about this beautiful art form.

Hands-On Activity: Victorian Easter Egg Dioramas
Saturday, April 15, 12pm-1pm
at the Museum, 302 W. Broadway
Come make miniature Easter dioramas using plastic Easter eggs, ribbons, flowers, and pictures to create a miniature diorama. A Victorian tradition, dioramas depicting springtime scenes adorned homes to welcome the changing of seasons. This craft is open to children and adults.

On April 13 from 4pm-6pm at the Public Library of Silver City, there will be a special all ages WildWorks program on egg dyeing. Participants are invited to bring their own hard boiled eggs. For questions about the Library WilWorks program, contact Christ at (575) 538-3672 or

Volunteer Appreciation Event
at the Museum Courtyard, 312 W. Broadway
Current and former Silver City Museum volunteers are invited to our Volunteer Appreciation Event. There will be door gifts and prize drawings throughout the event, along with light refreshments.

Grant County in the Great War
Thursday, April 27, 12pm-1pm
at the Museum Annex, 302 W. Broadway
In Grant County, hundreds of men enlisted or were drafted into the military during WWI. Forty of them were killed in action, drowned at sea or died of disease. This talk will focus on a few of these men, as well as discuss the restrictions placed on local citizens from government-mandated rationing of food, rubber and gasoline.

Our speaker holds a PhD degree in History with a focus on the History of Medicine and the History of Great Britain. A former Adjunct Professor of History at WNMU, the presenter has been a local history researcher for many years. Current Exhibition →