Currently the museum cannot process any requests for photos or viewing of objects for research. We apologize for the inconvenience. On the What We Collect page, learn more about Museum collection policies - and view a selection of collection materials in the Museum's Online Collections Database. For more information contact Registrar & Collections Manager.
The Ailman House, home to the Museum
The H.B. Ailman House, an 1881 Mansard/Italianate structure, is the Museum's home and its single largest artifact. Originally one of a pair of "twin" houses, it was built from soft, locally made brick and lumber milled from nearby forests. After two decades as a single-family residence, the future museum spent a quarter-century as a boarding house, a brief stint as City Hall, and 35 years as the town fire station. Learn more about the history of the house in the About section of this Website.
Permanent Collection
Our permanent collection holds over 50,000 objects including photographs, historic objects and paper archives.
Photographic Collection
Over 20,000 photographs are housed in the photo archive collection including images of Grant County, Silver City, people, ranching, mining, the built environment, and other subjects pertinent to southwest New Mexico from the 1870's to the 1970's
Photo Orders
Currently the museum cannot process any requests for photos. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Object Collection
Household and personal objects; clothing and accessories dating from the late 19th century through middle 20th century.

Furnishings; office equipment and carpentry and objects used in commerce.

Native American; Mimbres bowls and jewelry, Apache baskets, and lithics.

Mining; items from the Santa Rita, Tyrone and other mines in the Grant County area. Assaying equipment, mining gear, office equipment from mining operations in the area.

Ranching; saddles, yokes, and other gear and tools.
Paper Archives
Newspapers, mining records, yearbooks, business records, ledgers, magazine and maps. For any inquiries about the collections, please contact Registrar & Collections Manager.