Mayor's Messages

Mayor Ladner’s messages regarding COVID-19:

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Mayor Ladner’s message regarding his Anti-Litter Campaign ":Pick it up and Toss No Mas".

Hello Friends,

I am inviting You to help make Silver City more beautiful than it already is by joining with me and other community members to get rid of litter.

You can help by going to the Mayor’s Campaign, and sign up to the Town’s new anti-litter program titled "PickItUp&TossNoMas". You can select from a list of small areas or you can choose your own area or neighborhood. 

You can do it alone, as a family, or organization, and keep our town one in which we can all be proud of by picking up litter one piece at a time. Also, the Town will even furnish safety vests, trash bags and will even pick up your filled bags.

So sign up today and let’s keep Silver City looking beautiful!

Thank You Silver City!